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Dear Parishioners,

Effective from this Friday (23 October) places of worship are now able to have up to 300 people, guided by the 4 sq metre rule.

For St Michael’s this means that we are able to have 150 attendees at any Mass or religious service. So please give some thought to coming back…..

For the time being we will continue the schedule of Masses until we have an opportunity to review attendances, especially as we have noted an increase since daylight saving started.

There is no change to the schedule at Our Lady of Lourdes as 100 is the maximum for that Church under the 4 sq metre rule.

We’ll keep you informed.

Incidentally, yesterday (22 October) marked the 2nd anniversary of the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual abuse. Bishop Vincent has released a statement which can be found after these notices.


This week’s live stream Mass link for the Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time from Our Lady of Lourdes on Saturday, October 24 at 6pm is




·        This weekend another 48 children will be receiving their first Holy Communion at St Michael’s, at both parish and special Masses. Please note that the current COVID restrictions have been taken into account when organising these Masses.

·        Also about 65 children are now preparing to receive first communion at Our Lady of Lourdes later next month.


Please pray for these children and their families.


3  MASS DETAILS  - It is safe to come back if you wish……..


As mentioned above, for the time being, Mass times at St Michael’s remain as


·        Sat evening        5.00pm and 6.00pm

·        Sun morning       8.00am, 9.00am, 10.00am and 11.00am

·        Sun evening        6.00pm


·        If you do come without having registered we may ask you to wait till a few moments before Mass begins, by which time we will know if the cap has been reached. If it has, we will ask you to wait for the next mass.

·        It might be easier to thus register for the other Mass times – Sat 6pm, Sun 9am and Sun 11am, 6pm.

Sunday Masses at Our Lady of Lourdes and weekday masses at both places are not affected and there is no change in mass times at this stage.



·        The dispensation from attending Sunday Mass still holds, i.e. you do not have to attend Mass on Sundays.

·        While we like you to come back to Mass, we’d ask that you do not come to Church if you are feeling unwell.

·        Always use hand sanitiser

·        Always register

If you are wanting to attend Mass you are still asked to register for the Mass you are attending, especially if you have not been attending Mass in the last few weeks.

St Michael’s                                             9639 0598 email

Our Lady of Lourdes                                             9639 8385 email

If there is no answer please leave your name, phone number, email, date and time of Mass you are requesting.  If there is a problem, we will get back to you.

4.  SACRAMENT OF PENANCE – St Michael’s only

For the time being, the Sacrament of Penance will be celebrated at St Michael’s only on Saturday Morning from 9.30am to 10.30am


If you have Facebook please like Parish of Baulkham Hills, there are a few opportunities to catch up with various groups either via Facebook or ZOOM (no charge).8


We continue to provide an opportunity for home visits with either the clergy or Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, with a Liturgy of the Word with Holy communion (or even Confession). Please don’t hesitate to ask us – we’re really looking forward to this.

If you would like a visit, then please email via, ring the parish offices during office hours, or send a message via the Parish Facebook page


A reminder that if you would like to be part of a parish email list for updates plus copies of the bulletin, and are not currently receiving any emails from the parish, please send an email  to – please also indicate if you are regularly a worshipper at Our Lady of Lourdes or St Michael’s.


In your mercy please pray for those who have died recently – Monsignor Theophilus Okere,
Fr. Emmanuel Gatt ofm conv, Angela Fallmann, Keith Gray, John Salloum, Teresa Gething and those whose anniversary occurs around this time – Francine Muzigirwa, Aileen Sinclair and Gregoria Arellano.

In these difficult times, if you need pastoral support or hear of anyone in need of assistance from a priest, the Parish Office or Vinnies, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fr Wim Hoekstra


Thank you to those who continue to make contributions to our parish and priests at this time, especially those who are still staying at home. I again  include these details for your information.

 For EFT to the First Collection  - supporting the priests

               BSB                                      067 950

               Account No                       000004265

               Account Name                  Diocesan Clergy

               Reference                          6001 donation

 For EFT to the second (envelope and loose) Collection – for support of the Parish,

               BSB                                      067 950

               Account No                       000000214

               Account Name                 St Michael’s Baulkham Hills

               Reference                          Your Name (if you wish)


If you wish to pay by credit card, please use this link


Diocese of Parramatta:

Two Years On from the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional; Child Sexual abuse


On 22 October 2018, the Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, delivered the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse. Bishop Vincent released the following statement.


A  message from Bishop Vincent Long OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta


On this second anniversary of the National Apology to the Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse we reflect on the significance of that event, and of the suffering of those who were harmed by people who were supposed to protect them.

The National Apology was made by the Prime Minister on behalf of the Australian Government and the Australian people. It followed the release of the final report and 409 recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The Diocese of Parramatta continues to learn from the Royal Commission and from listening to survivors and victims. Over 17 000 of them came forward and nearly 8000 addressed the Royal Commission about the abuse that was done to them. We recognise the courage this must have taken after so many were not listened to for so many years. For many, it was the first time they had ever spoken about the horrific crimes they endured.

We continue to offer our unreserved and deepest apologies to those who were abused when in the care of the Diocese of Parramatta. We recognise many of them may still be traumatised by these experiences.

The Diocese is committed to being a community of safeguarding.  This means we have zero tolerance of abuse in any form.  We promise to do everything we can so no child or other person in our care is harmed again.

We are implementing the National Catholic Standards for Safeguarding. The Standards are our Diocese’s guide to ensure that as we continue to build our Church we will do it safely and carefully. As part of this, our job is to make sure everyone who works or acts for the Church understands and recognises the Standards as an integral part of their understanding of what it means to be engaged in the life of the Church.

We are providing specialised help for those who continue to suffer trauma through our Guarire House support services. Our aim is to listen and help survivors find what assistance they need – it may be counselling, helping with a crisis, providing information around reporting their abuse to the authorities, or assisting to work through the redress process. We invite any survivors of abuse by the Church in the Diocese of Parramatta to contact us through Guarire House in the hope that we can help you in some way.

We acknowledge the scars of the trauma of sexual abuse and power imbalance and the impact that has had on survivors and the Church.

We remember to look back in reflection while looking forward and taking concrete action to create a safe place for children and all people.

To find out more about Safeguarding in the Diocese of Parramatta go to


To find out more about Guarire House go to